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Processes For A Beautiful Life with Faust Ruggiero

Processes For A Beautiful Life with Faust Ruggiero

January 25, 2021
Wouldn't it be nice if at the beginning of our lives we were given a manual on the processes of getting through life, beautifully?
Imagine how magical it would be to have a manual that you could go to for mindset challenges that would help you manage and get through these challenges with ease and in a successful manner.
As we continue with our journey through the challenges of COVID-19, many folks are wanting to maintain a healthy and positive mindset and a few are finding it difficult to do.
What if you could get your hands on a piece of magical information designed to keep your mindset positive and thriving no matter what, even through COVID-19, would you take advantage of the opportunity?
Are struggling to keep a positive and balanced mindset during this challenging time?
Would you like a little assistance with getting through this in a positive manner?
Join Rochel Marie Lawson as she chats with Faust Ruggiero about the process way of life, the beauty of it, and why it is so important to utilize this wisdom now. 
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She’s All Over The Place with Katie Chonacas

She’s All Over The Place with Katie Chonacas

January 18, 2021

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be inhibited?

What if you didn't let fear stop you and embraced all that you wanted to do in a fierce and unstoppable way?

Would you go for it?

What if through your journey in life you were able to inspire, educate, empower, and motivate others by just being you and sharing your gift of life with the world?

How would that make you feel?

I invite you to join me, Rochel Marie Lawson, as I chat with Katie Chonacas, a gal that is all over the place, as she shares her message and wisdom on why being all over the place is something that we should all embrace.


Podcast Replay: Chakra Wisdom for Women with Lisa Erickson

Podcast Replay: Chakra Wisdom for Women with Lisa Erickson

January 12, 2021

In this week's episode of Podcast Replay, we have Lisa Erickson the author of Chakra Empowerment for Women share her wisdom on the ancient science of Chakra energy and how women can use it to enhance all phases of life. 

Have you ever been curious about the energy that is within the sacred female body?

Did you know that both women and men are filled with energy centers that connect to our spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing?

Do you know that these energy centers are called Chakras and the energy in these centers is very subtle but also very powerful?

In fact, the subtle but very powerful energy in the Chakras can be utilized to help a woman as she transitions through life from menstruation, pregnancy, perimenopause, and menopause.

But here is something even more profound about the Chakras, by working with the energy of the Chakras, survivors of sexual trauma can be helped and healed.


Lisa Erickson


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