The Blissful Living Show

Being Unstoppable in Today’s World

October 12, 2020

What does it mean to be fierce, fearless, and unstoppable to you? 

Do you recognize who you are? Do you recognize the fierce and fearlessness inside of you? Do you even know where to begin in recognizing the fierce and fearlessness inside of you?

Are you allowing your environment to take you out of being fierce, fearless, or unstoppable? Do you understand the importance of protecting who you are so that you can stand in your own power with the confidence to be fierce, fearless, and unstoppable?

Now is the time for women to claim their fierce, fearless, and unstoppability and unite to make the world a better place? 

Dr. Kim Barber, one of the speakers at The Unstoppable Women's Summit ™, joins Rochel Marie Lawson to discuss the power and strength women gain when they recognize the power they have with being fierce, fearless, and unstoppable and unite together to bring about change.