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Is Emotional Intelligence, Resilience and Wisdom the Key To Being An Unstoppable Woman?

February 8, 2021
In the last few years the words emotional intelligence have taken on a mainstream place in society but what does emotional intelligence mean?
Why has it become so important to be emotionally intelligent?
What is the purpose of emotional intelligence?
When is it important to be emotionally intelligent?
Are we born with this or is it something that has to be learned?
How are emotional intelligence and resilience connected?
Are these words connected to one another and does having one mean you automatically have the other?
Does a person have to be considered wise to tap into their emotional intelligence?
Does wisdom lead to resilience?
Are women naturally emotionally intelligent, resilient, and wise or are these traits that are picked along a woman's journey?
Is it true that when you become emotionally intelligent, resilient, and wise that you become unstoppable? 
The answers to these questions are revealed as Rochel Marie Lawson chats with two fierce, fearless and unstoppable, Sandy Lamb and Tonia Renee Lee about being an unstoppable woman in today's society and succeeding.